MARA Retreat | 18th May 2024

MARA Retreat | 18th May 2024


Where is the MARA Retreat?

The location is in the heart of Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, an AONB and a beautiful setting. You'll receive exact location instructions and coordinates with your official ticket. 

What should I bring?

With your ticket you will receive a list on what to bring on the day!
To give you an idea:
- Swimshorts / swimsuit (for the sauna and ice baths)
- Towel
- Flipflops (not essential)
- Dryrobe (not essential)
- Running/walking kit 
- Running/walking trainers
- Yoga mat (optional)


No Phones?!

When you arrive, on registration we will pack your phone away into a safe container.

We will capture the retreat for you and you will receive photos/video of the experience afterwards - we want you to switch off, forget your phone, forget social media and your to do-list and fully immerse yourself into the ultimate MARA experience.

*If you did need to use your phone at any point to make an emergency call or to buy an emergency coffee :) that's not a problem, you can always grab it from the registration tent whenever you need.

Ice Baths?!

If you've never tried ice baths or cold exposure before we'll ease you into it!
We have facilitators on hand on the day to guide you, and you will go at completely your own pace.

Get in for 10secs, 10mins, or not at all!

How far is the run?!

You have the choice of of a run or a walk. Whatever you'd prefer to do on the day. 
We'll do up to an hour of running/walking but you can do as much as feels good for you. You can walk or run for 10mins, 45mins, do a bit of both or not at all! It's completely up to you.

Both walks and runs are led by our Run Leaders and Guides and done at completely your own pace. Leaders will be there with you to guide the way and the route will be marked out too so it's clear to follow.

We end the morning and afternoon retreats with the run and the walk, so if you did want to carry on after we've closed out you're more than welcome to keep walking or running on Cannock Chase. You won't regret it.

Do we have to do all activities on the day?

No! Everything is optional. We even have a 'switch-off' area where you can just sit with a coffee to just take it all in and switch-off completely.

Do I need to bring food and drink?

Whether you're joining the morning or afternoon retreat we'd recommend bringing:

- a water bottle as we have refillable water taps on site 
- some snacks or breakfast/lunch depending on the retreat you're joining
- a coffee mug or flask 

We will have a MARA Coffee Van on site where you can buy coffee and trail snacks like flapjacks, fruit etc. - we won't be using any disposable coffee cups on the day so please bring your own reusable flask.


We have toilets (with toilet roll!) and showers all on site, so if you would like a shower on the day not a  problem - make sure to bring a towel.

Can I swap or refund my ticket?

We can't do refunds however if you wanted to swap your ticket or sell your ticket to someone else that's not a problem - we won't be checking IDs on the door!

When do I receive my ticket/instructions?

You will receive confirmation when you buy your ticket, and then receive your attendee information and official ticket on email 2-4weeks before the event.


the ultimate MARA experience in nature

18th May 2024
Cannock Chase, Staffordshire
exact location shared with ticket

get your ticket here

and if you have any other questions:
Email |
Insta | @maraclubhouse 

See you there!

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