our story

2021: our run club MARA RC
2023: our brand MARA


MARA is a practice.

A practice of letting go.
Letting go of past results, letting go of the finish line, letting go of resistant and negative thoughts.

Allowing yourself to be fully free in the present.

That’s where all your potential lies
You'll go further, run faster, feel free.

run free

"I used to be fitter' 'I wish I was faster'' I don't think I can go this far" 

On a run we carry thoughts of the past and the future that weigh us down.

This is what holds you back but with practice it's possible to let them go and to run free.

MARA | "running without suffering"

Our mission is to share the MARA practice, philosophy and lifestyle through our clubs, products and experiences.

run together

MARA is community.

Running together and sharing the journey helps you go further, makes tough runs easier and makes life better.

Proper community feels good and it’s core to everything we do.

Don't strive to the finish. Take it all in. Enjoy the journey and share it with others.

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GB x


"running without suffering""
to be fully conscious, fully present

forget the finish line
let go of past results
when you're fully engaged now
that's where true performance lies
that’s where you’ll find fulfilment

find presence
in every mile
in every breathe
and unlock a new level

let go, run free