Club Update | April 2024

Club Update | April 2024

Yes team,

Last month we asked you for your feedback on the club to hear from you on:

What do we do well?
What can we improve? and
What do you want to see us do more of?

As we grow, we want to make sure there is plenty of opportunity for you (our members and our community) to contribute to the direction and evolution of the club. Twice a year we'll do a club survey to get your thoughts and feedback and the MARA team then review all your comments and messages.

Last month we sat down as a team to do exactly that and there was so much good stuff in there. Here's the deck we went through so you can see everything too.

Thank you to everyone that responded to the survey ❤️

Looking ahead to the Summer and the rest of 2024 there's a few additions we're making to continue evolving & improving the club. Let us know what you think!

Club Nights

  • We will continue to encourage the option for the 'Wednesday Walk' for those injured or not running
  • We'll look to update our 5k Paced Groups timings over the Summer to reflect avg. pacing (eg. 25-32mins // 32-40mins)
  • We will ensure Run Leaders always run with the last runner in each group
  • We will start to introduce a culture of front runners in each group looping back a few times during the run to keep bringing the group together
  • We will continue to emphasise the importance of an aerobic, conversational, social pace on a Wednesday night! *unless its a MARA Mile night!


  • We will be trialling an online register for City Loops sessions, so we know who is signed up and how many to expect!


  • We have updated the website and whatsapp group bio with links to the membership explainer and differences between 'Join the Community FREE' and 'become a MARA Member £8.73p/m) so this is clear and easily accessible
  • We will update the website with photos of MARA Team so you know who is on the team and who to speak to whenever needed
  • We will increase Stone & Stoke presence in our content and socials
  • We will continue to do regular surveys/feedback throughout the year

NEW Events

  • We're currently testing a NEW 5:30am Run | Thursdays 
  • MARA Yoga Morning (coming soon)
  • MARA Fitness Night (coming soon)


That's it for this one!

Let us know what you think and we will be doing our next survey in August!

Stay tuned for the next one and keep running team xx



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