The Rebrand | MARA 2024

The Rebrand | MARA 2024

We are MARA.

It's always been one brand and message at our core.

everyone's always called us MARA

"is MARA on tonight?"
"you should join MARA"
"MARA mindset"
"MARA miles"
"run the MARA way"

It started with reframing a marathon to be fun, to enjoy the journey

a maraFUN not a marathon

I wanted to change my relationship with running from what I'd always experienced. I used to hate it, always running too quickly, would suffer on runs in my head, do it for a few weeks and then just give up

'I'm not a runner'

I wanted to change how it felt, not only the name but the colours too. The pink socks are about having fun, expressing yourself, feeling excited to put the kit on and get out there

the run clubs I came across only cared about how fast you are and you had to pay to get in. I remember my first run club experience in London they just asked me 'how fast can I run 10k' and immediately turned me away

I wanted to change that
to make it accessible, inclusive, non-judgemental
to make it fun

to change the approach
a lifestyle and community vs a strive to the finish line
presence, freedom and fun vs. fear of being too slow 

and so what started on instagram as a marafun, 2years on we're here with 100s of members, 2 run club locations, in 2023 we've done retreats, socials and events, MARA has been born with ice baths, more experiences and clothing, and now feels the time to level things up and bring it all together

one brand
one mission

with the same values, the same mission, the same philosophy

run clubs | experiences | ice | clothing 

the home of everything MARA

MARA Run Club
home for Run Club members

plenty more to come in 2024

new experiences, a festival, new products, more club runs and plenty more miles together

let go run free
run to feel good

keep running

GB x

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